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Fantasy sports has had explosively popularity in US and is about to take over the world. Learn about the how the game is played and what is on the horizon
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Alphastreak has taken iGaming industry by storm by providing an innovative platform for Daily Fantasy Sports.
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Daily Salary Cap

The American daily fantasy standard. Choose your lineup of players and keep under the salary cap.

Cross Sport

Combine multiple sports in one contest. American operators can legally offer contests for Superbowl, World Series and more!

Point Thresholds

No need for huge player volume here.. the higher fantasy score, the higher prize award. Offer thousands and even MILLIONS of dollars in prizes.

Point Spread

Athletes are tagged with a plus or minus value and fantasy scores are adjusted by the spread. Choose any players you like... there's no CAP to worry about.

In-Game Fantasy

Reduce the time of play cycle with in-game contests. Instead of full-game contests we allow play for halves and quarters too.

Easy Pick

Want to "Ease in" your beginner players? Customers choose their athletes from preset pairs of players. Fast, easy, and visual.

Bad Beat Fantasy

Poker players will love this familiar format. If a customer has an awesome lineup and gets beat, the entire field splits a massive jackpot.

Fantasy Lotto

Pick 1 athlete each from 10 pools of 5 choices. Get 5 or more correct to win. 10 correct wins the lotto-sized jackpot.

Press Releases

AlphaStreak's licensees were the main attraction on February 4th, as the premier Daily Fantasy providers to offer contest for Super Bowl LII.

February 14th, 2018 (Montreal, Canada) - AlphaStreak creates a groundbreaking new form of Daily Fantasy sports. which allows Daily Fantasy operators to offer legal contests on single events, such as the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, and more.

Daily Fantasy contests require two events or more to be considered legal under UIGEA codes. Prior to now, this limitation has left operators unable to offer contests on the biggest events in sports. However, Alpha Streak has taken an out of-the-box approach - two events does not mean two events in the same sport.

Thus spawned AlphaStreak's Patented Cross Sport fantasy. By combining single events of two different sports, Daily Fantasy providers can meet the needs of their players when they are needed the most.

"We feel with this product we have solved an intrinsic flaw in the industry" says Mark Johnson, Customer Experience Manager at AlphaStreak. "Up until now, the biggest days in sports have left daily fantasy providers nowhere to be found."

Cross Sport contests play as so - You pick 6 players from the event or events in the primary sport and 3 players from the secondary sport's events. These players all score normally with the total combined score determining the standings among contest participants. In the Super Bowl edition, players selected a Quarterback, 2 Wide Receivers, 2 Running Backs, and a Tight End from NFL as well as a Guard, a Forward, and a Center in NBA.

"The largest hurdle in the project was equating scoring across sports so there was a level playing field across sports - an NFL Quarterback and an NBA Guard had the potential to score the same number of points" explained CTO Stephane Perez. "It's great to see such a successful rollout after months of development."

"This provides huge value to our Licensees. On February 4th, they cornered the market as the only sites to play Daily Fantasy Football. Whenever a sport reaches their Championship game, our Licensee's are the only place to play." added Johnson.

The Cross Sport action doesn't stop here at the SuperBowl. AlphaStreak's Licensees will use this contests type regularly to offer contests that the competition just can't match. These opportunities include the NBA All-Star Game, the NCAA Basketball Championships, and the NBA Finals. While other sites may serve these games, they do so in a multiple day setting or even a week setting. AlphaStreak's licensees however offer it in the standard Daily Fantasy One-Day setting that players know and love.

"Our goals are to provide the end users with products to meet their wants and needs out of the industry. This product brings us one step closer to achieving that" says Mark Johnson.

About AlphaStreak

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada. AlphaStreak creates DFS White Label Solutions to businesses looking to enter the Daily Fantasy Industry. With the largest breadth of supported sports, product offerings, and networked contests, Alpha Streak provides its licensees with a sustainable competitive edge. AlphaStreak is equipped to serve markets in North America as well as all over the world.

AlphaStreak is the only innovative Fantasy Sports Solution Provider to offer both B2B and B2G service solutions. AlphaStreak is uniquely positioned to provide both the government-sponsored and commercial gaming industries with proven solutions for interactive and social based iLottery and DFS gaming, through every channel across the spectrum, including retail, web, and mobile.

For more information contact AlphaStreak at sales@alphastreak.com