Alphastreak Keno

Add extra variety profit to your operation

A staple of the multi-hundred-billion dollar Casino and Lottery industries, Keno has proven to be one of the “stickiest” gaming products in land-based and online operations. At Alphastreak we’ve taken Keno to the next level… delivered in a full-featured gaming Kiosk along with Daily Fantasy Sports, Fantasy Lotto and mainstream lottery products.

For land-based Lottery retailers, Casinos, Sportsbooks and sports bars, the gaming Kiosk and Keno is the most cost-efficient way to engage customers in a 24/7 thrill-a-minute gaming experience. Random extra balls, progressive jackpots and other new gametypes are keeping Alphastreak Keno and YOUR operation on the cutting-edge.


Our touchscreen TITO kiosk with bill acceptor and ticket scanner allows your customers to take a quick break from watching their favorite sporting event and in less than 30 seconds purchase from one to hundreds of Keno tickets and return to their game with time to spare. A separate large-screen display in the venue broadcasts the Keno draws once every 3-4 minutes so your customers can enjoy the action at their convenience. A quick trip back to the kiosk is all it takes to check their tickets, and winnings can be collected at the bar, the cashier, or any lottery retailer depending on your license and jurisdiction rules. Ticket-holders can also purchase and check their tickets online!

POS – retailer Keno

Our POS – retailer version of the game is perfect for sales in convenience stores, malls or any lottery retail outlet. Customers fill their choices on a lotto-style bubble card and purchase tickets at the retail counter. They’ll watch the draws online or make a return-trip to your outlet to check and cash their tickets.

Combined with our other products, or on its own, Keno is a great addition to YOUR land-based operation!

Online and mobile Keno

We also offer our online and mobile App version of the product either as a complement to the kiosk, on it’s own, or as an addition to your existing sports or gaming site. Contact us today to find out more about Alphastreak Keno.