Fantasy sports participation will reach over 1.1 billion by 2020 according to new research conducted.

Get in the game

Use Alphastreak's turnkey Game Plan to start your own Daily Fantasy site or add-on DFS to your existing operation.

Your project can include any or all of the following critical features.

Logo / Site Design

APP Development

Data Feeds Partnerships

Geolocation Monitoring

Age / ID Verification

Land Based Solutions

Affiliate System

Unique Contest Types

Flexable API Integration

11+ Sports Available


Add Daily Fantasy Sports and Networked traffic to YOUR operation

Alphastreak's management team has over 100 combined years of experience in building successful fantasy sports, gaming and ecommerce sites and apps.

Whether you'd like Daily Fantasy Sports to be a depth pickup for your existing operation, or you're looking for a franchise addition star player. let us help you make the winning play for YOUR team.

Networked Traffic

Any MVP will agree you can't win championships on your own. it takes a team effort to produce optimum results. It's no different in the Fantasy Sports world. When it comes to running a successful fantasy operation, the fact is your customers will need other customers to play against... and the more customers the better.

The Alphastreak network allows your players to compete against players from other operators SEAMLESSLY in a fantasy world featuring more sports and more contest types than any other software provider offers.


Since there are no season long commitments, Daily Fantasy Sports players generate over double the revenue than traditional Fantasy Sports. Players on average spent $450 annually on DFS.