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Daily Fantasy Sports is BOOMING

Fantasy sports has had explosively popularity in US and is about to take over the world. Learn about the how the game is played and what is on the horizon
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Alphastreak has taken iGaming industry by storm by providing an innovative platform for Daily Fantasy Sports.
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Daily Salary Cap

The American daily fantasy standard. Choose your lineup of players and keep under the salary cap.

Cross Sport

Combine multiple sports in one contest. American operators can legally offer contests for Superbowl, World Series and more!

Point Thresholds

No need for huge player volume here.. the higher fantasy score, the higher prize award. Offer thousands and even MILLIONS of dollars in prizes.

Point Spread

Athletes are tagged with a plus or minus value and fantasy scores are adjusted by the spread. Choose any players you like... there's no CAP to worry about.

In-Game Fantasy

Reduce the time of play cycle with in-game contests. Instead of full-game contests we allow play for halves and quarters too.

Easy Pick

Want to "Ease in" your beginner players? Customers choose their athletes from preset pairs of players. Fast, easy, and visual.

Bad Beat Fantasy

Poker players will love this familiar format. If a customer has an awesome lineup and gets beat, the entire field splits a massive jackpot.

Fantasy Lotto

Pick 1 athlete each from 10 pools of 5 choices. Get 5 or more correct to win. 10 correct wins the lotto-sized jackpot.